Wednesday, April 16, 2014

state your name and purpose...

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I've always felt that boring stuff would be easier to get done if I thought of them as a game.
On the rare occasions when my mother got me to tidy up my room, I'd be all talking to myself "come on, throw that paper ball that you just crumpled while putting away into that basket! Ok, just one more! Now from further away! Now with your back to the basket! Wow! You sure are sexy!". I think that's why it always took forever...

So, without further ado, I'd like to present myselfit, and myself since we're on it, and state what's the deal with this blog.

Hi! My name is Manuel! 
I'm a portuguese dude from Lisbon, just wrapping up my twenties and finding myself wondering what I've done so far and what I should've been doing. Or what I could have been doing if I wasn't always wondering what I should be doing. You see the problem...

So, my evil plan is this: to be so darn interesting and funny that people won't be able to resist reading my posts and following my blog and laughing their arses off. 

What will I talk about? Well, I plan to focus on gamification (hence the until-now-seemingly-random introductory paragraph), but since I tend to digress, I'll just say "gamification and music and other stuff".

Why gamificaiont? gamifctianon?!... you know, it's the funniest thing: I've been reading articles and watching videos and taking online courses about this thing for two years now, and my fingers still trip over themselves while tiping it!
So... ga-mi-fi-ca-tion. Why this? Well, to me gamification is not only epically logical as it fits almost perfectly with my way of thinking. That and it naturally seams two of my biggest topics of interest. They're three actually: games, people and technology.

Tech comes in last on purpose: first because unlike Gartner, I don't think it should be a defining trait of gamification, despite being, alongside the "engagement crisis", one of its hypers (not sure if this word exists...). Second, it comes in third also on my "love it" scale - I'm a programmer 60% by necessity and 40% by choice. I like to think about the technological solutions and to participate in their development, but only up to a point. I'm more about the brainstorming and the high-level definitions, both in taste and in talent. Also, not one for details.

Now onto my goals: am I gonna be a star in the gamification community? Not sure. Will I be average? Not sure either, but it sounds kinda meh.
What I do know is that I think I have a natural knack (is it redundant to say it like that?) for it, both from my past as a gamer - I'm still a gamer but it sounds better if I look distant and insightful - and my scouting background (badges plus non-formal learning... seems familiar?). And of course, it's about the people. For the people, by the people, with some people and so on. That is, I want to get to know everyone that gamifies. In the world.

So on a final note: I aim to misbehave... and if I talk about gamification and create a cool network of people in the process it'll be great I guess!

Catcha later Space Cowboys!


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